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Hi, and welcome to the wonderful world of the Nevada State Cinderella Girl Scholarship Program and Pageant. Cinderella Girl is a Local, State, and International program where $1,000's of dollars are given away in scholarships each year.

Join in! Have a blast!

Do you have a special daughter? Do you want to build self confidence and poise? Would you like to develop your/her talents? Would you like to meet new friends and become part of our Cinderella Family? Check our upcoming events for a pageant near you - Call Today!!

Then getting involved in the Cinderella Girl Program and Pageant is the place for you!


"Nevada State Cinderella Royalty

Stephanie Melanson- Cinderella Woman
Shayla Myers- Cinderella Teen
Stephanie Murray- Cinderella Miss
Julia Carson- Cinderella Miniature Miss
Charlize Kruczynski- Cinderella Tot
Victoria Pray- Cinderella Ambassador

"Nevada State Baby Royalty

Olivia Espinoza- Cinderella Infant
Emma Christensen- Cinderella Baby
Laila Fitzpatrick- Cinderella Tiny Tot
Cam'ron Morgan- Prince Charming

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to see all International Royalty

"Cinderella Girl Pledge"

On my honor I promise to do my best to live up to the high standards of the Cinderella Scholarship Pageant; to honor my God and country; to always conduct myself in a manner that is becoming to a young lady; to keep myself morally straight; to respect my mother and father; to recognize the rights of others; to keep the competitive spirit and be a good loser as well as a good winner; and dedicate myself to a world united in peace through love, mutual trust and understanding amongst the peoples of all nations, races and creeds.



Nevada State Cinderella Girl Scholarship Program & Pageant
Gwendolyn Hansen - State Director
(702) 255-9387