"Flat" Prince Gilbert travels Everywhere.......

Nevada is the Best !!!

Hello everybody - My name is

"Flat Prince Gilbert"

I'll be traveling the state of Nevada all year so as soon as you get me, take a picture with him and forward it to Ms Gwendolyn, so you can be up on my very own PAGE.

I was mailed out Officially the first week of October to the each of the State Royalty with my Official Prince Gilbert Passport - so watch for me in the mail, as soon as you receive me, sign my passport and take some pictures with me and forward them to Ms Gwendolyn so she can put my Very Handsome Pictures along with the beautiful Girls up here for all to see. Then send me on right away to another Special Cinderella Girl.

Karate with Gracie Wong - I learned alot - so watch out for my wild kicks now. Thanks Gracie for teaching me.

Off to New York - Turner Field, and Plays, with the International Cinderella Royalty!

and our course our very own Tehani Keeno Douglas (the International Woman for 2011-2012)

Wow - we Won ! all because Prince Gilbert was at the Gymnastic Meet with Prince Gilbert and Gracie Clark in Reno!!

Prince Gilbert stopped by for the Afternoon with Alexandra Kilgore, Alexis Delzer, Dakota Banegas and Alyssa Delzer

I think Alyssa is taking me Shopping - can't wait for that!

Riley Reynoso had a Fun Day at the Park with Prince Gilbert. He loved the slide!!

Vina Legaspina took Prince Gilbert to the Movies, and Ate Popcorn - Yummy!

Prince Gilbert got to attend graduation with Amber DeSteunder, with her sister Ashleigh DeSteunder - Got kissed by Amber, tried on Amber's graduation cap, walking off pancakes, by skipping with the girls, at breakfast at the Original house of Pancakes, wanting a bite of coconut pancakes, Amber giving him a big bite, YUM!, drinking iced tea, Gilbert has a full belly and he's loving on Amber and Ashleigh, and then finally Ashleigh's puppy trying to kiss Prince Gilbert Too (silly dog - doesn't he know Prince Gilbert only gets kissed by real live Girls!)

PrinceGilbert Visits Veteran's Day Parade in Las Vegas with friends! Shelby DiToto, ZaZa Malaguti, __, Annalyssa Edwards, Scierra Ganter, Desiree Kong, Sarah Wertz-Ramos, Hayden & Chloe Steffee, Isabella McGinnis and very special ............Buddy - Mickey Mouse. (Thanks Mickey for stopping by and thanks Sarah for the special Kiss!) Cinderella Girls give a "Kiss" to the Veteran's who have served our American Country.

Prince Gilbert Visits Las Vegas with Sarah Wertz-Ramos and Sabrina Nelson at the M & M Factory

Prince Gilbert enjoys lots of fun at The Bounce House with Nye County Cinderella Girls and

Tehani Douglas (International Woman) spends time with the State Royalty (Sarah, Karlee, Kennedy, Sabrina & Katlyn) and

Chloe Bradley, Nicole Falerios, Kaci Mathias, Sienna & Tayle Brown

Tots Etta & Chloe Winterbottom and Addison Boyd giving Gilbert Hugs at Nye County Preliminary

Gilbert enjoys a Halloween Party at DiToto's Home,

Sarah, Karlee, Kennedy, Sabrina, Katlyn, and who is Cruella?

Also Chloe & Brat Bradley, Ashley, Tehani & Tommy Douglas, Makaylah Simeus, Willow Britt, Kathy K. and Kathy B.

Shelby DiToto shows Gilbert the castle at her house and funny fish.

Tots Tayela Brown and Etta Winterbottom hold Gilbert at Vegas Valley Preliminary

Prince Gilbert goes to College at University of Nevada Reno Campus with Katlyn Butkovich

Kaitlin Homan & Raylee Moreno hold shaking Prince Gilbert at the Haunted House in Ely

Sarah Wertz Ramos visits old car outside of Baker, NV with parents Ruby & Hugo and Randy Homan

Is that an old horse in the drivers seat?

Kaitlin Homan, Sabrina Nelson, and Sarah Wertz Ramos at McDonalds in Ely, NV

Prince Gilbert orders at McDonalds with Ashleigh DeSteunder and Kaitlin Homan

Riley Reynoso & Sarah Wertz Ramos hold Prince Gilbert as he poses for pictures with the White Pine County Cinderella Girls

Willow Britt took Prince Gilbert to Lehman Caves outside of Baker, NV

Kennedy Sparling introduced Prince Gilbert to her Uncle Charles Kline who

just got home from Service in the Navy (thank you sir!)

while visiting in Alamo and Calinete, NV

Kennedy & Karlee Sparling had a sleep over at their house and invited me (and do you see - I got a kiss)

and their new friends: Justice Rodriguez, Katie Fiore, Makaylah Nettles, and Willow Britt - What FUN!!

I went to the Vegas Valley Preliminary but someone forgot to take me out of the bag

(psssssh - Ms Gwendolyn) and I missed the disco cindy!

Sarah Wertz Ramos (our State Tot) took me with her Cinderella Sisters

Kennedy and Karlee Sparling through California and Death Valley on the way home to Las Vegas

I got up early on September 11th for the Reno Great Balloon Race

I went with a bunch of pretty girls to Lake Tahoe for a picnic

Sarah, Chloe, Sabrina, Marshayla, Mikayla, Katlyn, Ms G, and Alyssa Morse (our Nevada State Infant) and parents,

I loved taking a picture with the Western Nevada Group

My first official picture was with

Nevada State Baby Kaylee-Nicole Eddy from Minden, Nevada