TriState Preliminary Outstanding Winners
March 27, 2010

Denise Swartzman

& Gwendolyn Hansen



Reigning Royalty


& State Royalty

2010 Nevada & Arizona

State Royalty


Overall Cinderella Winners

Overall Cinderella Tot - Tabitha Roberts

Overall Cinderella Mini Miss - Elis Martinez

Overall Cinderella Teen - Jacqueline Riley

Overall Cinderella Woman - D'andra Sites


Photogenic Winners

Tot Photogenic Winner-Tabitha Roberts

MiniMiss Photogenic Winner - Elisa Martinez

Teen Photogenic Winner - Jaqueline Riley

Woman Photogenic Winner - D'adra Sites

Talent Winners

Tot Personality Winner- Mackenzie Sealy

Score Sheet Only Participants

Taylor Olsen

Norelle Bemelman






Casualwear Presentations



Casualwear Collective Group Judging


Partydress-Formalwear Presentations


Partywear Collective Group Judging


Reigning Royalty Talents



Tot Personality

Talents of Participants


Final Walks for Reigning Royalty Katlyn Butkovich

Some Memories for Ms Denise & Ms Gwendolyn (How many State Directors does it take to run a tape player?)




Congratulations New Reigning Royalty!



Memories from Today






Memories of an Easter Egg Pageant at Ms Gwendolyn's Home the night before - Good Egg FUN!

Did you know, that these eggs did the most Fantastic 15 seconds Talents ever in History!!


It's been a very Fun Funny Windy Day in Sunny Bullhead City, Arizona - Thanks Ms Denise for having us!